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Love of Elegance  photo: robynsphoto

Love of Elegance

photo: robynsphoto

Creating an elegant atmosphere for a wedding begins with the two people getting married. I as the Event Designer & Event Planner draws from the love between the two people taking the vow. The words that are not spoken is the language I pay attention to and build on.  Its called chemistry.

The chemistry is elegantly displayed through each gesture, the way you look at each other, communication should rhythmatically harmonize and be insinc. How each of you give one another respect, value each others opinion, sincere caress and gesture, involvement in the of the process of building a marriage with a good firm foundation. 

That chemistry will exude in photographs and with everyone whom knows you as a couple. This doesn't mean that there will not be disagreements or a difference of opinion, especially during the wedding planning process, but you settle the differences and come to mutual decisions. 

The elegance of how the Groom adores the simplicity of how she walks, talks, laughs tells me this will be an elegant and romantic celebration. The elegance of how the Bride wants him to be included in the details, assisting with his attire, and making sure he feels as special as she will on their wedding day.  

The couple creates the elegant atmosphere on the wedding day. I add the elegant details with floral, decor, and details that expresses the eloguent emotional connection and  extension of what both of you have built together of the love you have for each other. 

I create a symbolic design of what the you as a couple should already possess, a Romantic Elegance!